Website Workout: Using RSS Feeds

If you have a website that is regularly updated, whether it be with new product information or events or even using a blog then looking into RSS feeds is important. This will let you stay connected to visitors to the site because they can choose to have all future updates sent directly through to their program or browser. Consumers will not be expected to remember to visit again later, and all of your new information is delivered to targeted readers.

It might seem difficult at first but if you’re using some of the pre-designed blog websites they often have the option built in. It’s worth checking for this because it’s very handy for your customers to get information as soon as it’s listed.

One of the easiest ways to add an RSS feed to your website is to look at third parties who have options available or list instructions. The RSS feeder website suggests it may take you only a few minutes to add a feature that could connect you to consumers with real interest in your brand.

RSS basically stands for really simple syndication which is fairly self explanatory. Generally those who subscribe to your RSS feed will receive in their browser or program a title and first paragraph from the new information. If you post to blogs this means people can choose to click through based on what it seems the content includes and every single post is delivered. Other programs allow users to view the full details of every update meaning they don’t need to come to the website to get your information – this is a great way for consumers to stay in touch and gives you individual contact with many users.

Adding an RSS feed to your website makes total sense as it is a very simple set up and once arranged you are able to fire off feeds to numerous consumers.

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