Why You Should Think About Naming Your Pages

If you are building a website that has important information for potential customers on pages other than the main homepage you’ll want to ensure that you have adequately named your pages. This is also important when it comes to adding pages to directories and search engines. It’s much easier for the user to understand you if your pages are named accurately.

Ideally you’d be able to use the name page in the website address. For example, rather than having a random list of numbers or letters after the domain name directing to a frequently asked questions page, you could have www.mywebsite.com/faq which is obvious when listed in search directories. It’s also going to make the information much easier to find. It’s also a key part of website optimisation. As customers get a feel for your website and realize pages have been named logically they can simply type this in to find your questions page rather than having to find the right links and clicks to make to get there.

To do this you need to look into using permalinks. These become permanent locations of certain files or pages on your website and you can use these to access a page directly, without needing to click through from another location on the site. It’s a great way to get people directly to a shopping cart or similar pages.

Setting up permalinks will depend largely on your website host and software that you use to build your site. If you are hiring a designer who is also going to take your website live rather than send you each page as a file for you to upload, then you’ll need to talk to them about making effective permalinks a component to your sites’ design. It’s a much more professional look overall, but it will depend on the programs and host used. Some will automatically use the title of your page, so work on naming the page in the way you want it in the website address.

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