Website Workout: Using Market Research as a Publicity Tool

Many businesses like to use the information gained from market research to improve products and services or create new ones that their customers will be interested in. You can also manipulate this process to use market research as a marketing tool, giving you access not only to customers but to getting feedback at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with surveys. There are a few ways you can use them to promote yourself. For example, many businesses offer gifts or discounts as a thank you for completing the survey – this is a good way to get samples of products or discount vouchers out into the public for use and recognition of your brand.

You can also post surveys on your website, and then link to the survey elsewhere. Using this online format means that people will see your company when they click through to do the survey and be able to explore your website at the end, as an answer to their survey responses.

Offline, you can easily set up a single person or team to head out and solicit survey responses from the public. If this is your preferred method it is best to make it short, and perhaps offer leaflets or samples to anyone who completes it. As an example you could try undertaking face to face research at Mother and Toddler groups if you have a baby or family related product or service. Again this will get your brand recognition off the ground and is a very popular way for businesses to access customers that may otherwise not know the company exists.

The public are much more likely to respond positively your brand if they are not approached by sellers and cold callers. Doing surveys allows them to feel like they are not being given the hard sell. If you use telemarketing, then telling a caller first that it is not a sales call will allow you to gather information and then request the chance to mail samples and information to them. The success rate of surveys over selling is much higher.

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