Top 10 Tweets this week: The Brand New Printed Smashing Book and some good tips!

Twitter Tweets for Alison RothwellIndulge yourself with my Top 10 Tweets from last week, they’re perfect for retweeting! If you missed these cool tweets, you can follow me on Twitter

Pre-Order Now And Save 20%: The Brand New Printed Smashing Book: “The Mobile Book”

“it’s time to be thinking about all the different ways you could be making more sales which are NOT related to Google.”

My Essential Mac Setup [wow more stuff for me to try !]

Twitter Users Donate Five Million LOLs to Donald Trump’s Announcement

Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New Products

Local SEO : Don’t Get Caught Out NAPping! via @alisonrothwell

Meeting expectations [Thought provoking]

Five tasks that you should outsource to grow your business [key to bizz success]

Entrepreneurship: Is it really worth the risk? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why your business needs a website [can’t believe this is still a question for peeps!]



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