Top 10 Tweets this week: Screwed by a Penguin and a lot more

Twitter tweets from Alison RothwellHere are my Top 10 Tweets from last week which are fantastic for retweeting!

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Screwed by a Penguin? [ouch!]

3 Strategies to Generate Creative Energy [nap, move and give!]

Why ask why? [another cracker #sethsaid]

Google Analytics Adds Social Reports [interesting!]

How to Avoid Pinterest Wedding Angst [one for the Brides]

Wikipedia Appears On Google’s Page One 46 Percent Of The Time, Compared to 31 Percent On Bing

Foursquare Adds Another Search Feature: Check-In History [I admit I love #foursquare]

5 reasons I don’t tweet during conferences anymore [admit I’ve done this – post makes you think!]

Google’s April Updates: Bigger & Tiered Index, Document Ranking, Sitelink Changes & More [good to know!]

Google+ Hangouts On Air: broadcast your conversation to the world


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