Top 10 Tweets this week: My Roast Chicken Content Creation Method and so much more!

TWITTER TWEETS FOR ALISON ROTHWELLEnjoy my  cool Top 10 Tweets from last week, terrific for retweeting! If you missed these great tweets, you can follow me on Twitter

My Roast Chicken Content Creation Method: tasty results!

How To Get Links When Your Goal Isn’t To Get Links

Bing: 33 Percent Of Google Users Will Use Bing More After ‘Bing It On’ Challenge [what do you think of Bing?]

Take Your Book to the Next Level: 5 Ways to Build a Knock-out Multimedia eBook [interesting….]

5 Tried, Tested, and True Ways to Level Up Your Life [love these ideas!]

Develop a word-perfect elevator pitch in four easy steps [good tips]

Do the (extra) work [golden words from Seth #sethsaid]

Social media generates ‘less than 1% of online sales’ [Interesting data…]

4 Tips to Evangelize Your Brand on Facebook [great case study here]

New Foursquare iPhone App Brings Personalized Search Categories [Love Foursquare!]


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  1. GordonBrown says

    How To Get Links When Your Goal Isn’t To Get Links

    The article on links was really great .. I came to know about you .. from it .. Cool .. now you got a new good follower ..

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