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Twitter tipsI get more questions from clients about Twitter than probably any other social media platform. So this blog post is about how you can tweak your Twitter action to get better results. 

1. Review your profile image. Social media is all about making authentic personal connections, so I always advocate using your own photo as your profile image rather than a logo – or [horror] the placeholder “egg image” courtesy of Twitter. Let people see who they are talking to. 

2. Improve your profile description. Make sure you mention your area of expertise and where you are geographically located – this helps people looking for your services to find you more easily. 

3. Tweet killer content. Please don’t make every tweet a self-serving advert for whatever you’re selling. It’s boring. Instead restrict sales tweets to around 20% of your day’s total – and think of innovative ways to get your sales messages out there. E.g if you sell kids clothes, perhaps you can tweet about the season’s colours for little ones or the latest party dress tips. 

4. Use #FF [#followfriday] to get noticed. Follow Friday shout outs are flattering, and they result in more followers for you. If you give another Twitter user a shout out, they will often start following you. If you get a #FF mention, people who follow the original tweeter will see it too and if they think that you’re an interesting person they’ll follow you too. 

Remember it’s quality, not quantity! Forget about using automated systems to increase your followers in favour of reaching out and finding people who have a genuine connection with your business.

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  1. Shiva says

    #FF I didn’t know about them ..
    I was using the #TeamFollowBack . … they helped me get a few followers .. They were good

    quality and quantity are both important ..

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