So Much Better News Round Up w/b 17 February 2014

LinkedIn Lead GenerationHello again everyone! I am once again giving you my weekly news round up post. Find out what’s the latest buzz in the world of marketing and share the word.

Twitter Sued by James Dean’s Management Firm Over Fake Account

Google Lets You Say ‘I Love You’ With an Interactive Valentine’s Doodle

Potential employers often check social media before hiring. How’s your online reputation?

Why Podcasting Is a Trend Marketers Need to Follow [I agree :)]

‘Lego Movie’ Bloopers Prove Even Mistakes Are Awesome

13 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

 There you go! Hope you enjoyed everything. See you all next week.
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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 17 February 2014
My Twitter news round up post from the previous week
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