So Much Better News Round Up W/B 31 March 2014

The Art of Social MediaHowdy Folks! Can’t wait to share with you my latest round up news on online marketing. I got some really nice reads for you to enjoy, so here we go…

Best Positions for Social Share Icons & Other Elements on Your Blog

Lego Minifigures That Rock Your Bricks Off

What Do Users Really Think Of The New Google Design?

Instagram Photos With Faces Get 38% More Likes

How Long Would You Last in a Zombie Apocalypse?

The Illustrated History of Twitter

All You Need to Know About Using Exclusivity for Better Product Launches

‘Twitter, Mtwitter!': Turkish Prime Minister’s 9 Craziest Quotes About Social Media

What will blow our minds in the next 30 years? via @TEDNews

20 Unusual Things 20 Successful People Do Every Day via @inc

Hope you liked everything! Til next week!

Article Name
So Much Better News Round Up W/B 31 March 2014
My weekly Twitter round up news
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