Trying Out: Macaroni

Free Orange Macro Macaroni and Cheese Creative CommonsThis week my Macbook has become painfully slow. In fact, it would be easier if I got out and pushed.

To combat this unexpected turn of events, I did what I usually do and googled my problem. I was presented with a gazillion different things to do from modifying firefox (and add-ons) to cleaning up my desktop (admittedly the desk top is as cluttered as my actual desk!)

When all this failed to fire up the Quatro, I fell back onto the “download a bit of software from the net – that’ll do the trick” option and used a recommended programme, cutely called “Macaroni.”

Macaroni seems to do the usual sorting out of hard drives stuff, with the ability to schedule daily, weekly and monthly clean ups. It also had one addition I’d never thought of before: the “foreign language clean up.”

Yep, it removes all those files in other languages on your Mac. To be honest, I’d never given much thought to the uselessness of having Albanian versions of Read Me text files before. Or how much hard drive space they were taking up. However, with the click of a button all was revealed. rather a lot, as it turns out.

Voila, Macbook now souped up and running at top speed again. Thanks Macaroni :)

Macaroni – FREE 35 day trial and then $9.99 to buy.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

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