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I’m always on the look out for neat online tools, and if they’re free, all the better. Nat recently pointed me in the direction of Toodledo – it’s an online organisational tool which enables you to record your tasks and “to-do” lists. So last week I registered and took the software for a spin.

Toodledo is online, which is a great boon, if like me you work between a couple of ‘puters, or if you work away from home. Simply log-in to your Toodledo account and your tasks are ready and waiting!

I used the import function to move some tasks from another piece of software. This wasn’t a big success – the imported tasks all ended up as separate “folders” (projects) rather than tasks. I suspect this may have been my fault though – I’m not one of those peeps who really read instructions preferring to feel my way along…

The vanilla version of Toodledo is quite comprehensive for a freebie. It enables you to add tasks to projects (folders) and give a time estimate, due/completion dates, priority etc. So far, so organized. You can also collaborate with others and share your tasks, print your tasks out into a foldable booklet, plus add Toodledo to your mobile ‘phone. There’s a  task “hotlist” which Toodledo will email you every day, and a gazillion different ways to organize your task list too. One really interesting option is the ability to set goals – long term and life time and add those into your task list too!

However the extra “bells and whistles” Toodle do offers are quite intriguing too – I have a tendency to procrastinate, Toodledo has a tool that analyzes dates, priorities, time estimates, and other characteristics to create a customized schedule of the best use of my time. So say I had a spare couple of hours, Toodledo would be able to tell me which tasks to do in this amount of time for the best results.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed my test drive of Toodledo so much I’m probably going to upgrade to the pro subscription for $14.95 – the peeps at Toodledo even make it easy to decide by giving you a week’s free road test of the upgrade options.

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