Trying Out: Huddle

Regular readers will know of my eternal quest (encouraged by Nat) to develop ultra-organisational abilities. As a geek, I’m also a sucker for anything online and techy. Often, I get as far as a road test before giving up, but one online tool I am still using every day, months after signing up, is project management software, Huddle.

UK based, Huddle is an online workspace that you can use to work together with people. I use it to manage my virtual assistant, work with a couple of business partners and liaise with my internet marketing clients. It is this type of flexibility that makes Huddle such a good solution for those organisationally challenged peeps like myself.

Huddle gives you a range of communication options including sharing and storing files online and creating and editing documents online. Discussions can be managed through unlimited discussion forums and whiteboards (like Wikis). You’re able to notify group members immediately of any changes to the workspace, ask for approvals for documents or let peeps know you’ve uploaded files.

Add into the mix a task management facility which links to an online calender (which can also be synced with iCal) and you have a pretty nifty way to keep projects on track. Oh, and there’s also an app for your iphone ;)

My only criticism is that if you have several projects running it can get pricey for the small business to add extra workspaces to their account, but you can take advantage of one free workspace to try Huddle out and see whether it suits.

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