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nonprofit infographics board by bethGoogle has not been idle, so I thought it best I dash off a quick update so you can start working on how best to add these changes into your business strategy – Virtual Assistants, it may be a good idea to let your clients know and help them prepare…

Google Changes

This month Google announced a big change in the delivery of search engine rankings – it’s called “Search Plus Your World” and it involves Google+

Google have announced the biggest shift in how they are tapping into social media with Google+ in order to prioritize and reorganize the search results.

For those who have missed it, here is the link to Google’s announcement
Also commentary here:

My team will be keeping an eye on these developments over the next few weeks while we wait for the latest industry testing ;) but right now I’d advise you to set up a Google+ Profile (for yourself) and a Google+ Page (for your business). Ask your online marketing/seo support to set this up for you if you have any problems.

What have I been up to?

I’m currently in the middle of a massive rebrand !
With a portfolio of clients now in three continents (yes, three!) and a plan for further growth this quarter, it really was time for me to refresh my brand identity. If any of you are doing the same, then be reassured, I feel your pain!

SEO Training Club is currently undergoing a refresh too while I concentrate on my private clients, and I’ve been up-levelling all areas of the bizz and making use of a lot of new technology !

But it’s not been all work – my latest craze – Pinterest!

I’m hooked on Pinterest. It’s a kind of online scrapbooking platform which enables you to make visual collections online of what ever takes your fancy. I have Pinterest boards for places I want to visit, home decor I love, and gadgets I can’t work with out!

It’s not a commercial/blatant advertising kind of site, but if you happen to sell some lovely products, then the odd board set up to showcase a couple of standouts (linking to your website) would be OK provided you’re sharing great content :)

If you’d like to connect with me there, just go to
If you haven’t joined yet (it’s invite only) then shoot me an email and I’ll get ya fixed up :)


Creative Commons License photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg

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