Getting Noticed On Social Media By Using Multimedia Content

MUltimediaWhen you have a business profile established on social media sites, the end game is usually to build a following that you hope will purchase the foods and services that you have to offer. Getting people to follow you is often the easiest part of the process, whereas getting them to become engaged is where many tend to fall flat. Some businesses will look at their business model and think that what they are offering is the problem, but in the case of social media, it is often the kind of content that you choose to share that is the issue.

When you are creating content for your followers on social media, you of course want to give them items that are relevant and entertaining. That said, even if you are able to do that with every single thing that you post, the message can start to become ignored if you deliver it in the same voice every time. Think of yourself like the coach on a professional sports team who motivates by delivering impassioned speeches. That might rally the troops for a little while, but they will eventually shut off when it is delivered the same way every time.

Before we talk about multimedia content, it’s important that you remember that we are talking about the types of content that you deliver and not the message. Yes, you want to mix things up a little, but your voice and your business message should remain consistent across all mediums. In the same way that you wouldn’t have a different message on your social media pages than you do on your business website, you should not mix it up in that way when delivering content.

The problem that many businesses run into when creating content to share with their customers is believing that one type of medium is more effective than others. While that may be the case, you are leaving potential customers out in the cold if you do not provide them with what they prefer. Let’s imagine that you are a business that sells some sort of food items. Taking great pictures is a fantastic way to showcase how delicious the food looks, but the question then remains how the finished food ended up looking that way. Creating a video that shows how to prepare the meal is instructional, yet also does the same job as the picture in painting your product in a great light.

You might then also consider putting together printable recipes using your items, or perhaps offering prizes and discounts to followers who submit recipes, pictures, and videos of their own. You are essentially delivering the same message, but doing so in a way that incorporates as many of the senses as being online will allow. You followers will become engaged, will look forward to the content that you share, and more importantly, will be more likely to share it with others who have not yet heard of your business.


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Getting Noticed On Social Media By Using Multimedia Content
Establishing your social network reputation using multimedia content

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