Why Every Gal Needs a Mindmap

videoblogging4k-12teachersI am almost blushing as I blog this, but I must confess to you my guilty organisational pleasure – mindmaps.

Yes, I know that mindmaps have a kind of hippyish connotation, but planning is never as much fun as with a mindmap.

If you’re like me, surrounded by a mountain of bits of paper, plans stuck on the back or envelopes and tea-ringed post-it notes, then a mindmap will be right up your street.

I use mindmaps not just to plan but to organise my thoughts. They’re a godsend for bloggers – you can use them to map out your content. They’re also great for generating creative ideas – you find your mind starts to link thoughts together and inspiration strikes. You’ll also find it more natural to make connections and think laterally. You can add files to a mind map, including documents and images. They’re great for both random research and more structured project planning.

(Oh, and they make pretty nifty to-do lists too ;) )

One of my favourite programmes (yes, I have more than one mindmap software on my ‘puter!) is Freemind - which is freeware – so ideal for experimenting with :)

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  1. Natalie says

    I LOVE mindmapping and am hastily off to download Freemind! Great tip pard-ner. I started using them at uni and they really help get my cluttered mind in order. Excellent for planning ebook structure also :-)

  2. says

    Hi Alison,
    Just saw your thoughts and I have to admit… every gal needs a mindmap! :)

    I just started blogging about mind(maps) and they help me especially as a tool to organize my blog content and future posts.

    Which tools do you use besides Freemind?

    (I really like the term ” hippyish connotation” – GREAT! :) )

  3. Alison says

    @arjen – Hiya – I also use Mindjet Mindmanager – which is pretty funky too! It seems that there are quite a few options for Mac users around which is great :)

  4. stephenzhu says

    hi, Alison
    glad to see your blog, and find you are mind mapping fans. i am from an open source mind mapping team, but not freemind. XMind, :) maybe you can evaluate this one if you have time.

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