Frackin* Annoying Things About Facebook Friend Requests

I’ve had a Facebook account for a couple of years now.

About 9 months ago I did a kind of “cull” – I decided that I wanted to keep my Facebook account for peeps I felt that I knew and would recognize IRL IYSWIM. So I spent a couple of hours “de-friending” and felt comfortable with it – so far so good…

Then a couple of months back, an odd thing started to happen – a considerable increase in friend requests hit my inbox. I’d like to think this was because I’d become the most popular gal on the Interweb, but a closer inspection told me not. It was just as though a whole new bunch of peeps had been on some “Facebook For Business” course (not a great one) and had decided to launch themselves in social media land with a frenzy.

So here’s my Public Service Announcement:

  1. Don’t send me a Friend Request using your business name and no other clue as to who you are, why I’d know you or why you’d like to connect with me. Sheesh! It’s a 5 second job – JUST TELL ME YOUR REAL NAME! Otherwise, I haven’t got frackin* clue who you are! I’m open to meeting new peeps, so just introduce yourself!
  2. Don’t send me a Friend Request just to “access” my friend list, my fan pages or my Bejewelled Blitz tournament table. I might not notice what you’ve done immediately, but I will do eventually. And then you just look like some weird cyberstalker as whereever I go, I find you there too…
  3. Don’t send me a Friend Request just because I’m friends with a friend of yours with no other reason than to try and flog your bizz. The most bizarre request like this I got was from a children’s play centre in the South West, just because I was friends with someone who has a nearby maternity shop. I don’t live in the South West. I’m not likely to be visiting a play center there anytime soon…
  4. Don’t send me Friend Requests if we were at high school together and you’ve had no contact with me over the last 30 years. Hey, I’m not being mean but if we weren’t in touch before, then maybe that’s because we weren’t actually friends? Most likely you didn’t associate with nerds like me back then? The exception is if you didn’t bully me in the playground and we’ve lost touch for some unfathomable reason and you’d like to get to know me again :) The other exception is my FB pal Mark, who I never spoke to at school because he was cool and I was a Geek, and we’ve been friends now for about 6 years thanks to the wonderfulness of social media :)

Whoah, I feel better now. Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just me?

* Slipped in for Battlestar Galactica fans ;)

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