Cool Tool: Colorzilla

One Made itAre you one of those peeps who spend a lot of time looking for colors to use online?

Do you ever look at a site and think – “ooh! that looks lovely? I wonder what those colors are?”

Then let me introduce to one of my favorite online tools, Colorzilla.

ColorZilla is a plug-in extension for Mozilla Firefox browser and the Mozilla Suite.

Although it’s aimed at web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks, like choosing website colors, it’s a very handy tool which I use more than I thought I ever would.

Once you have installed Colorzilla you are able to get an instant reading of the colors any website is using with just a quick click of the mouse. There’s also a built-in palette browser which lets you choose colors from pre-defined color sets and  you can save the colors in custom palettes available online.

To give you just one example, I’m working on a website for a client at the moment – it’s a second site but needs to have the same look and feel as the original. Getting a list of the colors from the original site would be a tedious job, involving contacting her previous designers, noting them all down, checking for typos etc.. Using Colorzilla I was able to grab the colors from the site immediately and give the new techies an online link to the color palette – problem solved in nano-seconds!

Download Colorzilla and have a more colorful life online…

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jimmy_Joe

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