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nick“Not everyone is your friend… BUT, and this is a big “but” you DO need to find one or more people you CAN rely on to always be good to you. May I make a suggestion for you …Alison Rothwell… She is someone you can rely on – I will stake my reputation on her integrity.”
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Alison Rothwell SEO and Social media expert

Alison Rothwell – Director

If you’re looking for social media marketing support you can trust – and that gets your business fabulous results – then you are in the right place.

OK, so you’ve reached the bit where we tell you all about ourselves and how great we are icon wink Online Marketing Services

[We think you should read some of our reviews rather than take our word for it on that one]

Simply put, we’re a social media and online marketing business located in Lancashire, United Kingdom, serving a diverse client base worldwide.

Our Director, Alison Rothwell, started her working life in public relations, rising to Head of PR for a couple of the biggest and best known not-for-profit organisations worldwide. She followed that up with a stint in communications for the UK government, taking high profile roles across several Government Departments.

Alison’s online entrepreneurship began when she started out manufacturing organic kids clothing – she did her own online marketing – and when her marketing prowess became a pretty big hit, she closed her clothing business to concentrate on helping other businesses reach more people and make more money online.

You can read an interview with Alison which explains a lot more about our business and how we work, here.

We are now proud to work with a wide range of clients worldwide.

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