Why Your Business Needs to Get Social!

“Social Media is a game changer.” – Alison Rothwell, Director, So Much Better.

Are YOU ready?

We get a lot of businesses asking about the relevance of social media to their business and they often find it really hard work, thinking of things to say and getting a content plan together. Social media is really important. You’ve got to have a really clear plan and strategy when you’re using social media. If you feel like social media is a massive drain on your time and their resources, you really need to understand what the benefits are.

1. The “know-me-like-me-trust-me factor”

Prospective customers and clients see you on social media because they’re also using social media. They’re using Facebook. They’re using Twitter. Maybe they’ve got a friend who’s following you and you’re having conversations with that friend. They see that. They also maybe pick up on any tips and information that you’re distributing through social media. So they get to get a feel for you and for your business and they’re able to ask you questions as well.  Provided you’re managing your social media really well, being really organized and being really transparent and authentic about how you do that, then social media can be a great way to get a relationship going with prospective clients and to help them get to know you better, taking them further down the sales and marketing funnel.

2. The “local business bounce”

If your customers are mainly local, then using geographical social media such as Foursquare where people in your neighbourhood can find your business very easily, can put you ahead of your competition. Customers are using social media to search for businesses and take notice of who their friends and neighbours recommend and interact with.

3. The “getting Google Love for free” advantage

For search engine optimization [SEO], social media is a game changer. Matt Cutts. who works for Google, is on public record saying that social signals – that is activity on social media – is playing a part now in the Google algorithm and helping to rank your website. So if up until now all you’ve concentrated on is SEO and plain link building, you really need to think now about incorporating social signals into that mix and coming up with great content that people share and pass around, because the word is now from the top, social media is not just good for humans. It’s good for robots too.

 “We do use Twitter and Facebook links in ranking, as we always have, in our web search rankings.” - Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam, Google

Right now, social media matters to your business. Your online success is directly impacted by the

  • Number of people that “like” your brand on Facebook
  • Number of Facebook shares of the content you post
  • Number of Twitter followers you have
  • Number of tweets mentioning your brand name or including a link to your website
  • Number of people that “have you in their circles” (Google+)

The good news is that we can help!

Here at So Much Better Social Media, we deliver a unique social media management package for businesses who want to get more Customers AND improve their Google rankings.

Find out more about how we work with you here.


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